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Borsch from Maria Burmaka



Borsch with dried pears. This beet soup called borsch in Kharkov.  I do not know why, and learned this recipe in Chernihiv, so as  I was born in Kharkov, with all my pleasure offer you this cooking recipe of this borsch, because it tasty and original. You may have even heard about one advertisement "borsch with pears" and thought:" what is this? "- so, lets tell you ...

It should be: half a handful of dried
pears, one medium beet, cabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic, a little bacon, carrot, tomato paste, herbs, sour cream.


First filling: rubbed on a large grater beets, carrots and onions (cut into rings) roasted in butter, then add the tomato paste and let quenched.

At this time, put the water in a large saucepan, when it boils, add back washed dried pears until they are boiled - cleaned and cut into cubes of potatoes, shred the cabbage. When the pears boil 10 minutes, remove them, add the potatoes and cabbage, and let soup boil. 15 minutes of boiling put beet-carrot roasted refueling. In a mortar crush the garlic with chunks of bacon, add it in soup, salt to taste, add the greens and in the end add a sour cream, bring to readiness. After leaving a very small fire and then put few pears (who do you believe that this soup with pears!) Let soup boil a little more on the minimum fire a couple of minutes. Cover with a lid and turn off. And it is really delicious! :)

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