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Borsch festival
Ukrainian Borsch

Borsch - a classic red beet soup, a dish of some national cuisines, as a rule, the Slavic countries of eastern and central Europe, particularly Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania. Red beet gives borsch a characteristic red color.

Red borsch, a traditional, prepared with cabbage, beets, carrots, parsley (pasternak), and the second half of the nineteenth century, - with potatoes. During holidays or weekends borsch cooked in meat broth (pork or poultry), on weekdays, making baked bacon, garlic and onion or sour cream.


Borsch fest

The festival of Borsch is a modern, bright, interactive cooking project!

It is open tasting contest for "amateurs" and professionals of culinary art, which exists and is supported entirely by private funds and initiatives.

Today we travels the regions of Ukraine in the form of presentation tours, during which we collect local (regional and author) borsch recipes, entertainment (various competitions, contests games and other entertainment) for local residents and visitors of the festival, competitions favorite recipes cooking borsch and its free tasting.

The festival provides the maximum involvement of known personalities, talents and admirers of Ukrainian culture and consumption Borsch from Ukraine, and from outside. The festival is planned as an annual all-Ukrainian mass, and eventually an international holiday.  By "borsch case" will publish the book and as well as a host of other materials, and perhaps capture semidocumentary.

Well, when the Ukrainian Borsch day become a national holiday?


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Last recipes
  • Borsch in Lugansk (no beets)

    Bon Appetit!  

  • Green borsch with wild leek

    Now open the season of spring-summer borsch and will prepare one of the most popular in Ukrainian families - green borsch with wild leek. Such borscht can be prepared and in the country, then we can add a young orach  or nettle leaves, or other edible greens. So, Clean 

  • Red beet kvass ofr borscht

    Tablespoon red  

  • Cold Borsch or Kholodnyk

    Cut beet into strips, pour over hot water, add vinegar and salt and cook until beet is soft. Add cubed potatoes to beet, boil for 20 minutes. Cool down. Serve in deep plates with chopped eggs, green and sour cream.