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Borsch festival - Ingredients - Potatoes

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(Solanum tuberosum L) - a perennial herbaceous plant of the Solanaceae family (Solanace L.), which brings up to 150 wild and cultivated tuberous species. In culture it is grown as an annual plant - annually planted tubers of which are within one growing season harvests new mature tubers. You can grow potatoes as a seed, which is mainly used in breeding practice.

Potatoes - the only culture in Ukraine, which is grown mainly in the private sector. In gardens account for 98% of the total landings of this culture. Ukraine confidently located on the fifth place in the world in gross production of potatoes. Ahead of China, Russia, India, USA, Poland, Germany, Belarus.

In tubers, depending on the place of cultivation and varieties contain 11-25% starch, about 2 - protein, 0,3% - fat. Protein potato most meaningful of all vegetation.
It is rich in amino acids and belongs to the full. From mineral potatoes are the most rich in potassium (568 mg per 100 g wet weight) and phosphorus (50 mg). It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins C and Group B. The tubers contain up to 3 mg% solanine, so they are not used in raw form - it can cause poisoning. In the light of the content of corned beef increased to 20-40 mg, so use in food greenish tubers without cleaning impossible. We know that potatoes can be cooked more than 500 delicious dishes. Its use in boiled, fried, stewed, baked, as well as frozen and used in the processing industry. Due to the increased potassium content of potatoes assists in the removal from body water and sodium chloride, thus improves the metabolism.

Fresh potato juice is used as a remedy for stomach ulcer, gastritis, constipation and hypertension. Gruel from potato tubers treated with eczema, burns and other skin diseases. Slices of fresh potatoes, attached to the temples, relieve headaches. Water bath of boiled potatoes are often used for inhalation of nasal and throat. Baked unsalted potatoes consumed in the renal and cardiovascular diseases.
In Borsch added potatoes sliced, slices, strips, big cubes, etc., depending on the recipe.