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A garlic (lat. Allium of sativum) is a perennial of monogynopaedium of bow (Alliaceae). Wildly grows in Europe and Asia; cultivated everywhere. Productive part of garlic is a bulb. A garlic contains carbonhydratess, albuminous matters, cellulose, layers, ash,  vitamins of B1 (Thiaminum), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacinum) and vitamin of С.

Leaves are flat, a bulb is difficult, consists of 2-50 teeth, each of which is covered a hard coriaceous scale. In a wild kind meets almost everywhere. Ancient cultural plant. Distinguish a spring and winter garlic. A garlic is consumed from the oldest times — he was the component of meal yet for the builders of pyramids.

In a fresh and canned kind a garlic is used in cookery (sausages, salting and other).The antiviral action of garlic is well-proven, in particular, a garlic helps to prevent a flu.